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Neuroscience & Social Work

Bridging the Gap

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Projekt 48 aims to bridge the gap between neuroscience and social work education, practice, and research. Pioneered by Educational Neuroscientist Jessica M. Black, PhD, the application of neuroscience to our field is critical if we aim to understand, diagnose, and treat persons suffering from mental illness.

Our name is inspired by the Egyptian surgical papyrus that systematically recorded 48 cases of brain trauma. It contains the oldest written record of the word “brain” and provides a clinical account of the anatomy of the brain, the meninges (the coverings of the brain), and cerebrospinal fluid.

The papyrus dates to roughly 1700 BC but is influenced by texts from 3000 BC. It is known to be the oldest medical document to employ the scientific method and has lived at the New York Academy of Medicine since 1948.

Neurobiology Videos

Imagine medical school instruction, but without the cost. Enjoy watching neuroscience lectures and labs from distinguished professors from Stanford University, the University of Chicago and the University of Utah. Navigate the cerebral terrain with these videos and deepen your understanding of your brain and central nervous system.

Neuroscience (+) Videos

So you want to skip medical school? No problem. Learn about the intersections of Neuroscience and Adolescence, and Life Span Development; Restorative Justice; Gender Rights (and more). The applications for merging neuroscience and social work are board, and you don’t necessarily need the medical jargon.

Neuroscience & SW Articles

So reading is your thing. We’re kindred spirits. The relevant articles shared, I hope, will inspire you to integrate neuroscience research into your practice.

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“Increasing emphasis on the biological sciences, especially neuroscience, is a critical component of social work training.”

Jessica M. Black, PhD

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